Introduction to Intersectional Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Approach

Learn how to develop and use an intersectional lens with integrative approach to therapy and healing.

Developed by Lena Queen, LCSW, M.E.d, I-CBT is a 4-module integrative trauma-responsive healing model that is informed by a person's lived experience honoring the relationship between one's identity  and systems of power and oppression.  One's identity could include but is not limited to race, ethnicity/culture, gender, class, ability, spirituality and power. 

I-CBT focuses on the embodiment of one's lived experience by addressing the question-Who Am I? We process this embodiment as it informs a person’s relationship to Self and others and is the undercurrent of their decision-making and health of those relationships.

Informed by Sandra Bloom's  Sanctuary Model, I-CBT  can be used in a variety of professional and community settings including  professional settings , life coaching settings, outpatient, inpatient, residential, community-based,  community centers, and schools.  

I-CBT training is only available from and with Lena Queen, LCSW. M.Ed. 
Introduction to Intersectional Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Approach
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